This theme relates to the science and technologies of exploring the earth, its moon, other planets or planetary bodies for the purpose of conducting science OR establishing resource extraction potential.

This theme could
include topics such as:

  • Remote sensing

  • Contact sensing

  • Assay and analysis

  • Search for life

  • Search for new resources

  • Resource definition and delineation

  • Deep drilling

  • Hazard mitigation

This theme relates to the sciences and technologies involved with the extraction of valuable resources from the earth, its moon, and other planetary bodies for the purposes of greater understanding, economic activity, or logistics and support.

This theme could
include topics such as:

  • Rovers and rover payloads

  • Navigation and guidance

  • Regolith processing

  • Mine planning

  • Production planning

  • Mining support and logistics

  • Mining at depth

  • Life support in a mine

  • Ground support

This theme relates to the aspects of resource extraction within which economic activity can be realized.

This theme could
include topics such as:

  • Property rights

  • Human habitat

  • Funding processes

  • Commercial missions in space

  • Canadian Tax incentives

  • Technology Diffusion opportunities

  • Mine development

  • Tourism

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