Technology Transfer

Throughout our decades of work in the mining sector and space sector, we have always believed that the best approach to identifying and ultimately utilizing resources on the Moon, Mars or asteroids is to adapt methods and hardware already used successfully in the mining sector.  

The work we do in applying mining technologies to the space sector provides us with access to cutting edge technologies and unique materials.  One of our foundations is to always look for applications of such technology in the mining and resource sector.

We can apply this same approach to your challenges. 

Bring us your problem; we'll help you find an application that solves it.

Microcorer Sampler

The Challenge: extraction of small core samples in difficult to access areas such as drill face between advancement rounds

Base Technology:  Deltion's Percussive ROtary MultiPurpose Tool (PROMPT) developed for the Canadian Space Agency. 

The Solution:  Microcorer Sampler

  •  core 10mm diameter, up to 100mm length

  • automatic

  • 24VDC, 10A

  • operates with water supply (50psi-100psi)

  • mass 5kg

  • mounts to robotic arm, ex jumbo drill boom or arm on mobility platform - workers are safely distant from face


Petroleum Sidewall Drill Bit

The Challenge:  extraction of sample in petroleum sidewall drilling in a small form factor using no fluids 

Base Technology:  Deltion's TRL4 low thrust coring dry drill for lunar/Martian rock 

The Solution: 

 drill bit developed became a petroleum industry product offering from Dimatec, a mine supply company in Winnipeg. 

Life Cycle Testing Medium

The Challenge:   evaluate life cycle on mechanical bearings, surfaces and seals 

Base Technology:  Deltion's OB1 and CHENOBI lunar highlands regolith simulants developed for testing lunar excavation equipment

The Solution: accelerated wear testing using lunar simulants which are highly abrasive and include small particle size dust fraction 



Miners Cooling Suit

The Challenge:  workers in deep mines are subject to high temperatures that can limit working time to 10-15 minutes; search and rescue personnel exposed to high temperature and oxygen deprived environments that limit working time 

Base Technology:  NASA launch rescue suits (licensed to Deltion)

The Solution: combined lightweight garment and airpack that provides breathing air and/or cools body for up to 2 hours; system is attitude independent



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